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Does your job page make the grade?

Find out how your job description page is doing

Positive Sentiment

As candidates read through your jobs, they assess and judge every single word. To help you successfully handle this level of scrutiny, Job Page Grader detects patterns that may undermine your job page, so you can present content that lands positively with potential candidates.


Elements such as word choice and sentence length have a big impact on how easily your job page is conveyed (or lost!). Job Page Grader reviews the quality of your content by checking your visitors can easily read and understand what you’re saying.

Gender Bias

Everyday language can be subtly “gender-coded”, but, on a job page, this can repel candidates that you didn’t want to repel! Job Page Grader analyzes your text for bias toward particular demographics, helping you to write in a more neutral tone and stopping you from accidentally turning candidates away.