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Do the job pages on your careers website make the grade?

See how they are performing (and how to improve them too!)

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Time for a check-up

Paste any of your job page URLs into the box above to check it against 80 proven performance criteria that affects whether someone applies for that role or not.

  • Engagement

    What’s the sentiment of the text? Is it easy to read? Does it discriminate unconsciously?

  • Conversion

    Is it easy to apply? Do users enjoy a seamless experience? Is your page safe and secure?

  • SEO

    Are you utilizing Google for Jobs? Do page tags work in your favor? Are you mobile-optimized?

  • Performance

    Is your page lean and quick to load? Is the code of the highest quality?

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The moment of truth

All the hard work you’ve put into your Employer Brand and Talent Attraction campaign is worth nothing if your job description page isn’t up to scratch.

It’s the moment of truth for candidates - when they decide whether they’re actually going to apply or not. 

A great job description page makes all the difference:

  • Employer Brand Consistency

    Arguably the most influential reflection of your employer brand, this page should be working hard to efficiently invite more valued applicants to apply.

  • Positive Candidate Experience

    To a candidate, applying for a role should be as quick and easy as buying something online.

  • Smart Recruitment Spend

    Reduce your cost per applicant from your recruitment marketing campaigns by optimising the performance and conversion of your job description pages as well as helping them get found more for free in Google.

Is creating a great Job Page really all that complicated?

Short answer: No, not when you know what ‘great’ looks like.
Let's take a look at just three key elements of the Engagement that Job Page Grader reports on for free:

Positive Sentiment

They might mean the same thing, but there’s a big difference between “Nothing’s impossible” and “Everything’s possible.”

Candidates assess and judge every single word of your job description - often unconsciously.

Job Page Grader detects linguistic patterns that may undermine your job page, so you can present content that lands positively with applicants.


“Keep it super simple.”

Elements like word choice and sentence length have a serious impact on how well your job description lands with applicants.

Job Page Grader checks your visitors can easily read and understand what you’re saying.

Discrimination Bias

Everyday language can be subtly “bias-coded”, but on a job page, this risks repelling your ideal candidate.

Job Page Grader analyzes your text towards particular demographics, helping you write in a more neutral way and stopping you from accidentally turning candidates away.


Check out this piece we wrote to give you some more insight: How Job Page Grader Works.

No, it’s absolutely free! Our vision is that everybody loves their job, and this is a way to facilitate that. We don’t want to create another expensive job description tool.

Not quite. Job Page Grader is specifically designed to grade your individual job detail pages - it looks at elements that we expect to find on a single job posting. But you can grade as many job pages as you like!

You get out of this what you put in, of course. The difference in appearing more, ranking higher, loading faster and converting more could help you get dramatically more from the same effort you’re already putting into your recruitment efforts. Paste a URL into the text box above and get up to 80 different ways to make your job description pages work harder for you today.

Not quite, but it will give you many easily actionable takeaways. We can help if needed.

That’s a good question, we’re glad you asked. To start with, we’re very nice people. In all honesty we want you to be so enlightened and impressed with the results in the free report, that you start to imagine what your world could look like if you actually worked with us to make significant improvements. What do you think? Tempted?

Go to your careers site, go to the jobs listing section, and then select a job from the list. Copy and paste the URL (web address) of the page, and paste it into the 'Your job page URL' box on Give it a few seconds to do its magic, and there you have it: your customized report.

Absolutely. Click the call to action button on the bottom right of your report or scroll down to the bottom of the page for our inquiry form. Submit your details and let us know what you’d like help with. We’ll get back to you pretty darn quickly.

Whether it’s rewriting your job descriptions for you, or building you a brand new careers site, we’ve got the skills and experience to get you high grades on this tool.

Great question! All of our metrics are calculated from documented behavioral research and verified information gathered from a variety of other sources, such as tools from Microsoft and Google, to bring you the most accurate report.

Find out how your job detail page is doing